Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week of November 24th - 28th

30 minutes to get organized
Begin Medical Informatics presentations:

Continue Medical Informatics presentations.

Group 2 can turn in a current event:
p1: Kusal, Alicia, Lamissa, Melina, Brandon, Serena, Katie, Nikki, Alona
p2: Meera, Donovan, Aliya, Anita, Sakik, Nicole, Olivia, Konrad, Ben

Complete presentations (if necessary)

Introduce Artificial Intelligence paper and presentation assignment.
Robotics/AI videos, as time allows:
"Smartest Machine on Earth" (NOVA episode)
"The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence" (Andrew Ng, a machine learning expert from Stanford)

Thursday, Friday:
No school, happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Week of November 17th - 21st

(shortened periods, knee replacement distance learning)
Video (in class): FBI Ransom Computer Virus, Business Casual G-Men
Readings for today: (these were previously listed for last Friday.)

(Query students on medical informatics topic preferences.)
Give out review sheet for quiz on dynamic web pages, computer security
Video (in class): Sabotaging the System (2009) (backup links: part1 part2) (use Firefox)
Optional video: Stuxnet (2012)
Readings for today:
Group 1 can turn in a current event:
p1: Anuj, Owen, Chris, Steph, Zonera, John, Brie, Jack, Keleb
p2: Mahmoud, Rachel, Sanjana, Lily, Keri, Lauren, Jackie, Grace, Mike, Katrina

Review for quiz on dynamic web pages & computer security

Begin medical informatics topic:
In class, watch CBS News video: Charting A New Course
All groups working on informatics project. Each group must create a google docs presentation and share it with Mr. J. by the end of the period

Quiz on dynamic web pages, computer security
All students working in groups on medical informatics presentations
I will look over what you have accomplished and get comments back to your group via school email before Friday morning.

All students working in groups on medical informatics presentations

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week of November 10th-14th

Some time reserved at beginning of class to look at one another's web sites.
Give out midterm review sheet. Or you can see it here.
Begin discussion of Google, cloud computing, dynamic web pages.

Go over any questions for the midterm.
Read Cookie Monsters.
Continue with discussion of dynamic web pages.

(Last opportunity for current events for this marking period)
Midterm exam - both sections will take the test today, period 1 at 7:35, period 2 at 9:00.

Computer Pioneer presentations - 60 - 120 seconds, no notes or slides.  

In remaining time, begin unit on computer security, privacy, and cyberwar.
Video (in class): FBI Ransom Computer Virus

Readings for today:

Video (in class): Business Casual G-Men
Readings for today:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week of November 3rd - 7th

I just ran into this little Halloween tutorial showing you some tricks with javascript and CSS.  Check it out if you're curious, it's very cool.

Hand out HTML readability guidelines
All students working on 3 page website

All students working on 3 page website

Last in-class time to work on 3 page website
Web sites due, copied to server and turn-in sheet handed in by 11:15.
Why not do a current event?

Thursday, Friday:
No school, NJEA convention

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week of October 27th - 31st

Some useful links: 

Introduce CSS styles
Give out "Ducks in a Row" worksheet, demonstrate access to web server

Demonstrate HTML validator
Everyone working on "Ducks in a Row"
3 page website assignment available when finished

(Current events accepted)
Ducks in a Row due by the end of lunchtime
Hand out "Design Principles" reading for Friday
Work on 3 page website assignment when finished with Ducks in a Row.

1. Please complete this survey for the Verizon App Challenge
2. Look over  What is going on here?
Introduce HTML table tags, rowspan and colspan
Everyone working on 3 page website assignment

Discuss "Design Principles" reading
Give out readability guidelines.
Everyone working on 3 page website assignment

Friday, October 17, 2014

Week of October 20th - 24th

(App Challenge Reflection due)
(Read Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web and turn in this worksheet.)
Continue with discussion of Internet technology

(Periods slightly shortened: P1 ends at 8:52, P2 ends at 10:11.)
(TCP/IP try-at-home due. Here are worksheets for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X. If you run into problems with any of the commands, take your answer from these screen shots -- what you would have seen if it had worked.)
(Hand out review sheet for test on Thursday.)
Wrap up internet technology discussion
Begin HTML unit

(Computer Pioneers paper due, on paper and via turnitin.)
(Why not do a current event?)
Go over test review sheet, answer any questions.
Continue with HTML unit.

Here are the answers to the binary/hex worksheet, for your review.
test on binary numbers, digital representation of information, internet technology
Work on HTML when done with test.

JSUMC rotation.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of Oct 13th - 17th

Please take this quick survey at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Staff day, no school.


App Challenge presentations, videos, and posters due.
Groups give presentations, watch videos.

1st period:
CPR Buddy: presentation video
RemMedi: presentation video
The Ultimate School Survival App: presentation video

2nd period:

BusyBus: presentation video
AllergEasy: presentation video
Hidden Strength: presentation video


(Why not do a current event?)
PSATs, no regular class.


(Internet vocabulary due either today or Friday - your choice.)
Continue discussion of Internet history, technology

For next Monday, Oct 20th:
For next Tuesday, Oct 21st:
For next Wednesday, Oct 22nd: 
  • Computer Pioneers paper due, on paper and via turnitin.